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Killer Guitars Rellik Model

  “I set out to find that one killer guitar… 30 years into the search I figured out that if I wanted it, I’d have to build it myself. and a little while ago (I think a year and a half?) I was working with a luthier that was building replica kits out of Ohio… Nice guy, but he flaked out and screwed me pretty bad… I’m going to continue to think he didn’t mean to and was just eaten up by life and consequently just couldn’t meet his obligations…. But anyway, I was left with this… Basically just a clever play on words and a concept with nothing to plug it into:

The Killer Rellik Model… “Rellik” (cute huh? Killer spelled backwards… My wife actually tipped me off to that one).

The concept was a traditional single cut archtop solid body Les Paul style guitar hand built and finished for around $2000 with a few slick features like a belly cut, coil splitting, locking Klusons… blah blah… One model, finished one way, a natural nitro clear (with a touch of amber maybe). Because the luthier I was going to partner with took a powder  I packed up the Brand and everything that went with it and put it in a “drawer” and just pulled it out to play with last Tuesday… Do I make the prototype the goofy guitar kids (some of them older than I) Sure why not… It’s not like I’m busy doing something else”.


So Dude… Where is the Guitar?

Well Unfortunately images will not be released with this press release… The only thing we’ve seen so far is a weird looking pickup design and a lot of  Branding… But we’ve all been assured it’s nothing groundbreaking or shocking… Just a “Single cut Arch top guitar built really well out out of really nice stuff… MADE  in the USA.


Killer Guitar USA Rellik Model
Killer Guitars Made in the USA Brand and Model Logo


The Prototype  images of the guitar are due to be released in the fall and production and distribution is in the works… The best part about this promised guitar  is will be sporting  100% Absolutely Nothing Sourced From China.