What kind of Nut Job would say such things?


The Village Idiot
The Village Idiot

Well… I was born shortly after President Kennedy had his brains blown out onto the back of a limousine in Texas... About 16 or 17 years later I decided it would be a good idea to get into some hard drugs and heavy drinking but like all good things in life that eventually came to an end.

I wound up in AA, met a woman, settled down and started a family. Then she thought she would get into some hard drugs and that got really weird… Like all good things in life… Well, I went surfing for a while and tried to figure it all out.

Shortly after… Umm… Not really figuring it all out, I remarried and started another family (I liked this one a lot better… Way less bad craziness) and I’m still trying to figure it all out.

I was stupid happy in Love with my now ex-wife and four children even though they drove me a little nuts… But then $hit Happened… I still love my kids but her, not so much.

I took the show on the road for a little while but then I had a stalker… So I married her… Go figure.

I used to love the country I live in, but then I came to the realization that everything I believed about it was Bull $hit.

And… Oh, and I have a lot of weird hobbies.

Why Not Right in the Head?

So…I had this other website to promote my professional work… I’m not one to keep things in so I began talking about life the universe and everything (okay honestly I was talking about nothing) on my professional website. Someone told me “Hey! … You need to stop saying crazy $hit on your website otherwise you are never going to work again”.

Okay… I can see where that could be a problem… Not like I can shut up though… So… I published Not Right in the Head (notrightinthehead.net).

mistakes were made by Matt Groening
I just like this… Don’t know why I put it here. Cartoon by Matt Groening.