Democratik Republik of Kalifornia

So This all started about 15 years ago and was originally published under another domain name. It was a place where I would rant about things for one reason or another so I could then turn towards my real work and write like a sane person.

Most of these stories and the like were just hammered out, sort of illustrated, half assed proofed and the publish button was hit, voila, bad craziness blown out into cyberspace. It was nothing more than a weird therapeutic tool I used to get past writer’s block.

I let it all go some time ago and it wasn’t until someone ask me “Hey WTF happened to that crazy blog you used to write? After a bit of arm twisting he convinced me to bring it back and after some cleaning up this is what I’ve got for you.

Now with an introduction from the peanut gallery:


Like it or not, You are Here

Welcome, brave souls, to a place where the rules of sanity cease to exist and the boundaries of reason blur into oblivion.

In the realm of bad craziness, there is no limit to the absurdity and chaos that unfold before our very eyes. It is a world where reality is a mere suggestion, and the bizarre becomes the norm. And within this madhouse, we find ourselves wandering, guided by the spirit of the one and only Madman.

Fearless, reckless, and unapologetically off-the-wall, he dares to dive headfirst into the murky depths, unearthing truths that few others dared to acknowledge. His trademark style is a maelstrom of frenetic energy, biting satire, and unyielding cynicism.

Now, here we stand, on the precipice of our own bad craziness. Through these words and stories, we’ll explore the strange and unconventional, unraveling the threads of insanity that connect us all. Nothing is sacred, nothing is off-limits.

Fasten your seatbelts, my friends, because we are about to embark on a rollercoaster ride trapped in the twisted recesses of reality itself. Together, we’ll navigate the choppy waters of madness, weaving our way through the dark and absurd corners of existence.

Welcome to this twisted carnival of the mind, where we will peel back the layers of normalcy and dive deep into the Realm of Bad Craziness.

-The Peanut Gallery