Amazon Sucks

Amazon Sucks and we are stuck with it.
In the early days wasn’t Amazon just an online bookstore? Amazon now has become the Be All, End All for the s#it you need and that Sucks.

Amazon – The Brain Child of Jeff Bezos

Amazon, the brainchild of Jeff Bezos
Jeff – One Rich SOB

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos working from his garage in July, of 1994. Initially Amazon was an online marketplace for books, Since then it has expanded into a multitude of product categories: a strategy that has earned it the moniker The Everything Store.


Now a few years down the road Amazon has become the end all be all for shopping. It seemed to happen slowly, like colon cancer. Beginning with “Hey it’s easier to just have it delivered by Amazon. Then “Hey it’s cheaper to get it on Amazon and they deliver it”… But now the only place you can find anything is on Amazon because everything else is gone. And Now Amazon sucks.

Before Amazon Sucked it was AMAZING

You would get on the computer, find what you need, check out, and it showed up on your porch… Even the very next day if you paid a little extra or joined their club “Amazon Prime”. My thinking at that time was this: “All of the other retailers are going to have to step it up.” But that’s not what happened.

A while back I was working for an advertising agency. One day I needed some computer cabling and a couple of other small things to iron out an IT problem, so I hopped in the car and drove down the Fry’s… but it was gone. Well hell, I drove back and hopped on Amazon and spent a good 45 minutes trying to figure out exactly what I needed, kind of site unseen, so it required a lot of thinking a lot of browsing and a tape measure but I got it figured out and bam it showed up the very next day.

“Not bad” I thought to myself, even though I would’ve preferred a hands-on inspection because it would’ve been easier for me to figure out what I needed. And hey, pretty much everything’s on Amazon now.

Over the course of time it came to pass that I did all of my shopping on Amazon. For quite a while it worked out well. Then every now and again Amazon would drop the ball. But now I have to ask the question more often than not:

Amazon, Where is My Stuff?

So it goes like this: I really need something, I’ve already ordered a bunch of stuff and got the free “over $25 shipping” and then it comes up that I need something right now so I order that a little later and pony up for the “Next Day Shipping”… What happens is my Next day stuff say’s it’s coming but it doesn’t.

Amazon says we’re sorry your packages is delayed. Meanwhile the free shipping stuff shows up early, and the stuff I really needed NEVER shows up. If this only happened once fine, but this now happens more often than not. So I have to call Amazon customer service hoping they will be able to understand what I’m on about and then hoping to understand what they are saying. Eventually it all got sorted.

So Just this past Wednesday… It was necessary for to make a return to Amazon, something I have done quite a few times over the past couple of years for many and carried reasons but it had been a little while. This particular time it was because I ordered an SSD for an older MacBook Pro and I was sent the wrong unit for my application, not 100% Amazons fault but the description was somewhat ambiguous.

Earlier this same day I ordered a couple of things that I needed “like yesterday”. In truth I needed them before the following (this past) Saturday because I was coming down here to Palm Desert for work that required these items… I went ahead and paid something like an extra $15 for next day delivery… Then I dropped off my FREE item return at UPS.

Amazon, Where in the Hell is My Money?

Leaving UPS I received a message that my return was on it’s way and that my refund would be processed… Within 30 Days after Amazon received it. That was if I agreed to put it on my Amazon Gift Card. It would take much longer if I wanted it returned to my credit card.

And then it was Friday and the items I needed here “like yesterday” that Amazon promised tomorrow were a day late.

I called customer service and  they were “So, oh so sorry” and in the course of this conversation I was told that there was nothing to be done about it until the following Monday I could cancel my order and receive a refund or if the items showed up  they would reimburse me for my shipping costs.

And Monday, according to Amazon’s own tracking, the order had still not shown up (where I am not  because I’m here where I needed this s#it.) I called customer service again and was hit with the “We are so sorry and we will get right on your refund… If we put it on your Amazon Gift card balance it will take one to three days. If you want it returned to your credit card it may take one to two weeks…”  I lost my s#1t saying “I’m done! Amazon Sucks! I’m closing my account!”

But the truth is I’m not closing my account and do you know why?

Amazon Sucks and now there is no alternativeAmazon Uber Alles