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Not Right in the Head
Not Right in the Head - The Village Idiot

In 1991 I woke up after a particularly bad 15 year bender on Gin and other various brain rotting substances… Well that was fun (all except for the part where I was puking blood and the hallucinations). One of the first people I met after all this drinking and popping pills used to always tell me I wasn’t crazy but that I was was an eminently reasonable man, I never gave that much thought because I was pretty sure this man was insane.

It’s been over 20 years since I’ve put any chemicals in my blood stream that jeopardize rational thought, but I still come up with a lot of really bad ideas… So rather than keep them all to myself I figured I’d share them with all of you.

Now being adept at coming up with all sorts of asinine stuff on my own I am also uniquely qualified to recognize bad ideas when I see them… There is lots of warped thinking out there to be commented and expanded on.

So…  I have warned you. Nothing on this blog is meant for you to take seriously and for God’s sakes don’t try anything you read here… These are all products of my deranged mind that I personally only use for entertainment.

I must tell you though that I will probably be reviewing and critiquing here as well… You can take what I say regarding my thoughts and views as truthfull… Possibly warped but definitly truthfull… I have had a lot of grief over being told something is this way and then coming to find… No that was crap it’s really that way .  So you can be assured that what I’m telling you is the truth as I know it.

And furthermore… If I ever start selling something on this site it will be the best possible crap described as precicely as I possibly can at the best price I can afford to let go of the stuff for… My Karma is already too bad to be out here skarooing anyone.
This guy wants $10,000 for ... LOL