So I looked in the bathroom mirror and thought I had jaundice…


CFL Lights Suck


Compact Florescent lights drive me off my nut for so many reasons I get chest pains just thinking about them.  Not only do you have to flip the switch and wait for the light to get bright enough to see anything, what you end up seeing is all the wrong color, they’re full of mercury and yes… I can hear them… They whistle and buzz.


CFL Lights Suck
"Green" Technology? Yes if you mean Green Skin Tones


No matter what they say, every color temperature these bulbs come in is off by just enough that if you use them in your dining room looking at whats on your plate will ruin your appetite… I tried “Daylight” balanced ones… The meat looks fine but the mashed potatoes are blue and the peas are fluorescent Kermit the Frog Green.

Not so long ago I almost decided to take one of my kids to the emergency room because he was all pale and green looking, kind of like a zombie so I figured it must be internal bleeding… Wasn’t till I drug him out the house that I saw he looked just fine in the daylight.

And the lag time… Dang!

Ever have to really take a leak so you skip to the bathroom, flip on the light switch, then whiz on the floor because it’s still too dark to see the target?

Or you need some mood lighting so you turn one on… Perfect! then 20 minutes later it’s like sitting next to a small weird greenish supernova in your freakin’ living room.

So… Let’s talk about mercury.

You know, I really love tuna but I won’t eat it anymore because of mercury… What you say?  I’m paranoid?

Well let me tell you something about mercury.

My parents are of the generation that didn’t know jack about mercury poisoning, so when they were kids they played with it… Rolling the crap around in their hands… Soaking it up.  And if you know anything about the early Baby Boomers, you know they are all mentally defective and I’m pretty sure mercury poisoning played a big part in it.

These are the people running the government right now and as you can see they are not only whacked they are dumber that rocks.

These CFL lights are full of mercury, break one in you home and bam… You’re kids go stupid from mercury poisoning. I don’t know about your kids but mine are stupid enough as is.

Now I’m not against saving energy but will you bastards making these things get them right before you foist them off on us ?