My grandfather used to say funny things, and one I remember clearly was this: “Some people have to pay their kids to be good… My kids were good for nothing”

M&M Powered Toddlers

I just discovered something… Toddlers not only have boundless inherent energy… Toddlers can amplify energy! I was sitting here watching my two youngest kids running around in circles, hopping, screaming and yelling as usual. I was trying like heck to concentrate in order to get some image post production done and made the most common of mistakes dads do with their small children… I gave them some M&Ms in hopes of raising their level of content therefore shutting up the noise. Well…

An M&M on average has about 4 calories. 1 calorie is the amount of energy required to heat one cubic centimeter of water one degree centigrade…So basically… Not a lot of power. I split one of those little bags between the two of them… That should equal someplace in the neighborhood of 120 calories each. One gallon of gasoline (3.78 liters) contains about 31,000 calories. So half a bag of M&M’s is equal to about .39% of one gallon of gasoline… So I figure the combined weight of my two littlest coconut heads is about 65 lbs, after the M&Ms they ran up and down the stairs (45 degree angle 14 steps) almost 90 times in one hour. I compared that to the HP and torque specs of my 20 year old BMW… And then I made some calculations…

Now If the outcome of these calculations are correct… I have stumbled on what may be one of the greatest discoveries in the 21st century. I Have the “Green” Solution to the USA’s Energy Needs!

M&M Fueled / Toddler Powered Generators

1000 Watt M&M Powered Toddler Coupling Super Generator

I have already done the market research on this… The people want it and are willing to pay a premium for this device… Well okay… I only asked my wife this: If I could find a way to quiet down the kids and reduce our electric bill at the same time… And she said “yeah, okay honey, whatever you say”.

This of course is only a concept design for the Twin Shaft, Belt Driven Neodymium Magnetic Generator / Toddler Interface Coupler with optional Flux Capacitor Power Storage Unit ( Our clients will have to supply their own toddler and M&Ms). I am passively seeking investors. The minimum buy in for this project is $1,000,000 and there will be a cap of 10 investors accepted. You may tender your investment via PayPal or drop the cash on me here at home.