I finally got tired of all my guitars sitting in the corners, in cases stuffed under the bed and in the back of the closets so…

Hercules Wall Mount Guitar Hanger Review

guitar wall hanger product review
Hercules GSP39WB Guitar Wall Hanger


 What they have to say:

The GSP39WB features an screw-in standard wallmounting system and the innovative Hercules Auto Grab System (AGS) yoke: the arms turn in and up with the weight of your guitar to hold it securely and simply open up when you lift it off. Also features a specially designed AutoSwivel yoke, which rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to allow unconventionally shaped guitars and basses to hang vertically. The yoke is completely covered with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber to protect your guitar’s finish.

  Product Features

  • Auto Swivel yoke allows different shaped guitars and basses to hang vertically
  • Auto Grip System yoke safely and securely holds your instrument
  • Specially Formulated Foam completely covers the yoke

 The Finest Guitar Wall Hanger Ever

I’m not easy to impress when it comes to mechanical gadgets… Having been a mechanic for many years… Well over 30…  Makes me a mechanical gadget expert, and this particular gadget is the fo’shizzle of stamped steel, rivets shafts and gear works.

The hangar assembly is well constructed and designed , the unit accepts the neck and as it bears weight a monkey motion gear rotates the locks into position… Relive the weight and the locks release… Works like a charm. My only gripe with this product is the screws and lags that are supplied are ” just enough to get by”… In my case these were sufficient however I would recommend longer and larger screws and finding a stud in your wall to get them sunk into. Hercules says they use “Specially Formulated Foam” and it appears to be true because I have had a few of these for quite a while now and the guitars that have been hung on them bear no viable damage to the finish (discoloration and abrasions)  like I have see other guitar stands and hangers cause.

Guitar wall hanger review Swivels to conform to the headstock
Swivels to conform to the headstock and locks in.


This product works very well… Simple, Secure and Neat… I have quite a few guitars, more guitars in fact, than any sane person really needs… And really this is the best solution I have found for hanging them. It automatically adjusts whether I pop a Telecaster or a Les Paul on it and hangs straight and secure and then all I have to do is grab it down to play.

Overall A+ Product and well worth the money even if you pay full pop ($34.95) but the regularly sell for under $20.

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