I Swear… I’m Not Really Crazy I’m Just Mentally Interesting and a touch Not Right in the Head.


Are you Prepared for a Duck Stampede?


The Ducks are Coming
The Ducks are Coming, the Ducks are Coming


No really… It could happen… We could be overrun and trampled by ducks… What is that you say?  Those are Geese? … Whatever… Webbed feet are webbed feet when you are being flattened into the ground and I don’t like ducks so they’re getting the blame, besides Phuqing Ducks sounds better than Phuqing Geese.  Bottom line is with all the stuff that is really going on why is there so much attention focused on hoards of BS?

I’m just sitting here trying to work but that’s not going to happen because at 20 to 30 second intervals I’m bombarded with senseless noise out of one of the five people I live with, I gave up on saying “Can’t you see I’m trying to concentrate?” a long time ago because it became clear to me the answer was “What was the question?” because they aren’t concentrating on anything except for the noise in their own head that is apparently so big and loud it comes bursting out of their mouth every 20 or 30 seconds.

 Is it like this the world over and I’m just not as capable of coping as the next guy?



The Mentally Interesting

At times I’m going in so many directions at once for so long I’ll wake up in the morning and all of my thoughts are totally randomized… Like this morning… I woke up looked around, realized I couldn’t cope and just locked myself in the bathroom for an hour… I’m thinking perhaps just a shot of Novocaine would do the trick… Right into the back of my skull so I’d be nothing but a pair of eyes for a while… I mean really… Some days the only thing I seem to be able to do is avoid all interactions.


Not Right in The Head
I’ve Never Really Been Okay – I’m Not Right in The Head


Often I feel detached from all that separates my self from the clusters of swirling molecules around me and even from the thoughts that rattle around in my own head… All I’m asking for is a little slack in the chain of disorganized information that being thrown at me so I can put it all together and perhaps attach it to something that is actually anchored in reality. From my perspective everyone seems to be in my same situation but somehow it doesn’t bother them.

I guess really I just wish I wasn’t bothered.


 What to do About the Ducks

A Shot Gun and Molotov Cocktails I imagine would do the trick but I think a flame thrower would be very handy defense against a stampeding horde of ducks…


dead ducks
Dead Ducks… Threat neutralized and Tasty Too.


If this all makes sense to you perhaps you should call a therapist however don’t tell them everything unless you really want a vacation and some weird drugs.