Sometimes I find something that is just so cool I can’t imagine how it was that I got by without one…

Dremel Router Base

The Dremel Moto Tool is one of the neatest little things ever but the quality of many of Dremel’s accessories is woefully lacking… Like their router bases… They pretty much suck a$$ and are barely useful for even the lightest precision work on a big flat surface.

Best Dremel Accessory For Inlay and Other Precision Work


Stewart Mac Donald Precision Router Base


Hands Down this is the very best precision fixed router base on the market for the Dremel. It is well constructed and exactly the right size for the job at hand. This base also features a small blower port that can be connected to a compressor with tubing in order to keep the cuts free of debris while routing.


Dremel tool router base
Compact and sturdy design Dremel tool router base


Routing for an Inlay with the Dremel


routing for inlay with the Dremel and Precision base
Routing for inlay with the Dremel and Precision base


This job was an epic nightmare without this handy little router base. Because of it’s compact design it is no longer necessary to lay the piece that I’m working on in a jig in order to level and support the router. The visibility of the working cuts allowed by this tool is superb. This cut was started and finished in less than a 1/4 of the time it would have taken just to place the piece in a jig.

Another product for inlay work with the Dremel I should mention here are downcut bits. The cuts with these bits are remarkably clean and make for a quick and painless job. These bits in various sizes are also available from Stewmac.

It’s not often I can’t find something that pisses me off about any product and this is one of them...

I can’t even bitch about the price that is about 30% more than the comparable Dremel product because this thing is 300 times better… It’s an A+ no mater how I grade it.

This Precision Router base is available from Stewart McDonald ( at the current price of $53.65 + shipping and handeling)