I recommend you don’t bother reading this…

Madman vs The Duck Part V

  So you think you landed a punch… Well guess what, you don’t scare me because you are a just Duck and a minor inconvenience. 

I guess it’s been almost 30 years… The Madman in the Boots… Do you remember me? It all started with the fatal automatic store door incident, I won’t tell the story here because really nobody under the age of 40 would understand it, automatic store doors have changed but I see… We haven’t… We haven’t changed a bit… But then I suppose that’s not true, I have become older and by far more “Battle Hardened” and I’m not about to take any of your $h1t this far down the road. I’m going to stop you RTF into the ground again with these boots.

Calling in an Air Strike

Apocalypse Then
Can you hear the mini gun spinning up? … You ready for this?

  Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? What Ducks always fail to recognize is that they’re only a hallucination and just because they “think it” doesn’t make it real and no amount of ducking and dodging will avoid getting smacked in the face by a flying boot because when someone shouts DUCK! to always turn an look… Because even you, deep down inside know what you are.

Duck Season

Well… You know what this is… I don’t really have to explain it. But I will tell you this is going to be more than embarrassing, going to be downright ugly.  The Duck has finally painted itself in a corner this time.

It’s weird but also universally true someone (usually a duck) will pull a stunt and it goes way wrong… They will try like hell to bring it in land it but it gets further out of hand and then it is too late to back out. This Someone will start grabbing at straws and then the blow back really gets bad and they are covered in their own $h1t and they still won’t let go.

Phuckin Dead Duck
Phuckin Dead Duck


 There is not much point in reading this… It’s only a rant. If you have been reading my blog here in the past and are wondering WTF happened I want you to know that well… $h1t happened and I hope to get back to the other stuff that you can enjoy and relate to soon I hope.

As it stands life has gone to hell in a hand basket… My wife needs a car because the $1000 Mercedes I bought in ’04 is finally junk and I don’t have 2 nickles to replace it.

My back is still shot but who cares… It’s only pain… The stress that’s descended will probably kill me anyway so the pain will stop soon enough.

 The kids are being terrorized by this $h1t, and that’s what really pisses me off… I pray that they will be okay no mater how things come down but I have my doubts.

 So… Bill Gates, if you are reading this I could really use some help. Okay? Cash won’t solve all the troubles but My wife really needs a car to get the kids to school etc and they just raised the rent.


10 May 2013