I have had dozens of inquiries come in on another site asking me about the quality of this kit and that kit and where can I get a good cheap Les Paul Kit… Why me?

So… Rather than disappointing those readers I have decided to move all of this kind of blogging from my other unrelated site to here.

eBay Unfinished Guitars
Les Paul Kit Review

Song Chung Musical Instrument Co. ltd (song_hui_chao@hotmail.com) DBA eBay Store: music.song (http://stores.ebay.com/songhuichao0086) Item Description: “high quality Unfinished electric guitar body with neck” Starting bid:US $69.99 Shipping:$59.90 Economy Shipping

This kit seems to be available from several other eBay stores… All sellers based in China. They are using the very same images to advertise all of their products,


Guitar kit image from ebay
Image Used to Advertise Kit on eBay


On the plus side I can tell you the shipping is amazingly fast but any good news ends there…


ebay les paul style unfinished guitar
eBay Les Paul style Unfinished Guitar

The body of this Unfinished guitar is actually made up of at least 5 pieces of varied grades of “mahogany”. The top is made up of at least 4 pieces (possibly more) of a light wood that may or may not be maple and covered with a veneer that is less than 2mm thick… Wait… It gets better. The workmanship is like nothing I’ve ever seen, I will not even bother to build this kit.

eBay Unfinished Guitar | Multiple Random Piece Back
eBay Unfinished Guitar | Multiple Piece Top
eBay Unfinished Guitar | Multiple Piece Top View 2

The veneer covering this top is very thin (less than 2mm) and has been sanded through in several spots there are also imperfections and splits throughout:

eBay Unfinished Les Paul kit Veneer Top

The binding has been sanded to paper thin in the cut out and the routing for the binding has multiple tear outs. The binding also doesn’t quite meet the veneer over 50% of the seam all the way around:

ebay chinese les paul kit bad binding
Binding Poorly Installed and Sanded too Thin
ebay les paul kit review binding
Binding Routing has Multiple Tear Outs all the Way Around
Chinese Les Paul kit binding
Binding Poorly Installed Also Shows Weird Jointed Wood Back

The Neck may very well be hollow and has the addition of a piece at the heel, the tenon would require a lot of work to fit the pocket at all but I’m just not doing it because it isn’t worth the time…

eBay guitar kit quality review
The wood is sponge like several inches down the fret board on both sides.

Basically… The fret work sucks… And then take a look at the inlays…

ebay fretboard inlays
Yes… All the Inlays are a few degrees crooked.

For the cost I didn’t expect much but honestly… I expected better than this. This “Unfinished Guitar” is of such low quality in both materiel and craftsmanship that it would never be worth the time to finish it… No matter what is done to it it could not even be made into a mediocre musical instrument… Just junk.

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