Honest Product Reviews

So… I started reviewing products a while ago… Namely DIY Guitar kits and Stuff…

Trouble is I started doing this on a professional site and now I outrank everyone for stuff that has nothing to do with business. The reason I started this was almost every product review I’ve ever read is bent in some way and then I go and get the stuff and well… It’s freaking crap and that really sucks… I mean it really sucks when you go and research something and look at all the pictures and read all the “rave reviews” and you think you’ve made the right choice only to have a pile of drop-shipped $hit from China dumped on your doorstep by EMS or some other who knows parcel service that bears no relation to what you thought you ponied up and shot out a PayPal for.  So heck I figure someone needed to tell the truth so why not me.

So now I have to figure out a way to move all this content without pissing off my wayward, want-to-be an informed consumer, audience.

I suppose I’ll just start my next review of some piece of eBay crap I think I can’t live without here.