Vintage Guitar Building plans are as ubiquitous on the Internet as they are inaccurate.

 Guitar PDF Blue Prints

 I went on a hunt a while back for accurate ’59 Les Paul Blue Prints and what a nightmare that was… At any rate I eventually purchased a set and I had the opportunity to compare them to a real deal ‘1958, 1959, 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar… Okay so the plans I bought were worth the money.

In the course of that  hunt (and what a fiasco it was) I also tripped on some Free plans published under a Creative Commons Licence and I was able to compare these plans to the plans I purchased as well as a couple of other Real Deal guitars. And here I will share them with you:

This is just some of what I have found.  More templates, blue prints and plans will be made available here in due course as I check them for accuracy and use licence.


PDF Guitar Blue Prints -  Creative Commons Licenced
PDF Guitar Blue Prints – Creative Commons Licenced

  These Blue Prints are being made available here for academic non commercial use only. 

Single front view plan for a 50’s Les Paul that is pretty damn accurate.

VIEW & DOWNLOAD PDF:  ’50s Les Paul Blue Print PDF



Les Paul Special Double Cut Plans PDF

VIEW & DOWNLOAD PDF: Les Paul Special DC Blue Print 



Measurements and drawing carefully compared to Gibson EDS 1275 Double Neck SG

VIEW & DOWNLOAD PDF: EDS 1275 Double Neck SG


dot 335
Gibson ES-335 Dot