I think I understand now how it is people get run over all the time using these things…


I'm not right in the head
Mind Blowing Sound – Not Right in the Head


Sony Walkman 8 GB E354 Video / MP3 Player

Sony Walkman 8 GB E354 Red Digital Video Player MP3
Sony Walkman 8GB E354  Digital Video Player MP3


  I honestly don’t know what possessed me to buy an MP3 player at all… I was the only one of the family that didn’t wander around with wires hanging out the ears hollering at everyone because they couldn’t hear… Really, music for me is a thing all unto itself and I believed it should have it’s own place and time to be enjoyed… At any rate I bought this thing.


And I’m impressed… The thing is small but not so tiny that you can’t handle it… It’s human sized.  Great audio quality… As a mater of fact, the sound quality is a metricfuckton better than my kids iPod I shelled out insane amounts of cash for.

 Now to take full advantage of the audio quality you are going to have to get some “in canal” earbuds that pump the sound directly into your brain… The ones that just hang in your earlobes are for $h1t. You need a good seal to keep in the mind blowing sound.

The  FM reception is very good... Not that I listen to the garbage that’s pumped out over the airwaves… Whatever happened to music?

Loading it is a breeze, “Drag and Drop” and the unit’s native navigation is simple and intuitive. It charges quickly and plays forever… Really plays forever… 40 hours+ of music on a charge.

The screen is bright and clear so you don’t go blind (as well as deaf) trying to read it.

 And Oh…

Sony mp3 players Red Black and Blue.
They Come in Other Colors… But… Who Cares?



 Now the Best Part about MP3 Players


La, la, la, la, la… I can’t hear you


It’s the coolest thing ever… I haven’t had to tell anyone to shut up in weeks now and it’s not just a mater of not being able to hear, there is something about having music pumped into your brain the isolates you from the universe around you… It’s like you’re in a bubble… No… It’s like they are all in a bubble and you are just rubbing up against it like a bad windshield wiper*.

However, there are drawbacks to this like I said in the opening of this review: “I think I understand now how it is people get run over all the time using these things”. After several days of wandering around at my own private concert I can see how easy it would be to forget where you are and have a fatal run in with machinery.

Another problem I’ve encountered is when you do have to communicate with the people on the other side of the bubble they get a little agitated because you are now yelling at them…


No need to yell
Why you yellin’ at us? No need to yell.


On the whole, as long as you can avoid stepping in front of a moving truck, these MP3 players are a great tool for use in ignoring a world that’s gone to hell in a hand basket around you.


*Yes… I stole this line from the movie “Killing Zoe”… It fits.