So… I’ve been sitting around with a blown out back… More specifically: an L4-L5 Desiccative Annular fissure or tear and an L5-S1 Desiccative Disk left lateral Disc protrusion extending into the left neural foramen impinging upon the left descending nerve root … I may tell you what it was like being an extreme claustrophobic in an MRI soon… But I’m still hyperventilating.

Anyway, I’ve been laying around for quite some time going batshit insane from the boredom… I needed a project… Something… Light.

So, I went tripping through Fry’s looking for a project and remembered that I chucked my desk lamp and took a look at the lighting section for a replacement… I saw these and didn’t like the price but my wife made me buy them.


 LED Lighting Kit Review

home accent led lights
LED Home Accent Lights


Omni Lighting Systems Home Accent Bright White Series Lighting Kit – Model: PPA OLSHAWHT  list Price: $49.99

Their Sales Pitch:

“Let there be light! Omni Lighting Systems (OLS™) is the ultimate lighting solution to add color to almost any area imaginable. Home Accent Bright White kit uses the latest in energy-efficient LED technology to assure savings compared to conventional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Ideal for all occasions, the Bright White kit offers a wide range of settings to beautifully illuminate and accent cabinets, toe-kicks, pantries, closets book and garage shelves, and much more. Easy-to-use infrared remote offers the ability to quickly dim or brighten any area, creating the perfect atmosphere each and every time. OLS™ is simply the right choice for adding a little flare and pizzazz to all your lighting needs.”


First off, I’m going to review OLS’s sales pitch: Whoever wrote that is an asshat… “flare and pizzazz”? … STFU


 Installing the LED Accent Lights

 The installation was very simple clean the surface, plug the strips in, peel the tape,  position the light bars where you want them (NOTE: having them on while you position them will help you choose the best spot for the desired light spread) and stick them to the surface. Also NOTE: Be sure the little IR receiver dongle is positioned where there is line of sight for the remote.

The entire job might take a total idiot 45 minutes… It took me a couple of hours, I blame my herniated discs… I had to stop and lay down a few times.

The LED Strip Lights in Action


led lights workstation
LED Workstation Lights- Nice Clean White Light


These lights are freakin’ disco (an asshat term if there ever was one)… Plenty bright to light up my workstation and can be dimmed as well to a sublime glow… You know… Mood light when browsing for smut on the Internet. The light color/temperature is very clean and makes the CFL’s look even worse (See: CFL Lights Suck). Basically these lights make my “computer hutch” the coolest looking spot in the house.

These light strips can be stashed almost anywhere, book cases, cabinets, shelves… They’d probably look really slick inside of and entertainment center or something like glass faced kitchen cabinets and similar display cases…


light up your liquor
Check this out… Light up your liquor.


 Now the bad news:

  There is always something stupid... The remote and receiver is IR ( infra-red) rather than RF (radio frequency) so there is this little  IR receiver on a dongle that you need to point (line of site) at if you in order to control the LEDs… Why the hell they didn’t use RF on this is beyond me.  So basically you have to  mount the  little receiver in sight of the remote… And anyone else that may look at it.

The other thing is the sticky mounting tape isn’t all that sticky… It hasn’t fallen off or anything but it isn’t super secure. I suppose this could be called a “feature” if you ever decided to move or remove them.