Lets say you have this fairly popular blog and someone comes along and pi$$es you off… This is one way to call in an airstrike.

WMD Blogging

Aside from p0rn distribution, propaganda and one hell of a way to waste time the Internet can be used as a powerful weapon in the fight to trash your enemies.  Beware because almost any Idiot can do this… All it takes is some Story Writing Skilz and some creative use of  Headings, Tags and “viola”… That bug up your A$$ is converted to an IT Anthrax loaded RPG .


blog as a weapon
I’ll fix your A$$ – Weaponized Blogging

Internet Character Assassination

All that is really required is to draw a parallel between your targets Good Name and some action or event that will tarnish it… and if you have done this with any affect at all the first thing that come up is ” So and So and (insert nastiness here) at the top of the search results… This can be achieved very quickly by having your allies search for  and link to “So and So’s Nastiness” from wherever they are and click through to your blog.


The offensive Blog article doesn’t even have to really come out and say anything… Way more damaging if it does but it is enough to say something about someone in the same breath as some wild $sh1t (true or not) to land a blow on the target.

Articles of Retribution

I’ve had people say and publish all kinds of crazy $h1t about me... Usually a bent view of  my connection to some happening that was  distressful for them but even stuff that was just plane not true.

I once told someone exactly what I thought of them and yes indeed I was pretty offensive… This particular little Twinkie went and splattered my name all over his blog in connection with some really ugly stuff…

Unfortunately for him I could give a Rat’s A$$ and that made him even crazier and he tossed out more and more BS allegations ’till I imagine his fingers were bruised from all the vicious typing.

 About the time he came up to catch his breath I jumped in and sipmly admitted to all of it… LOL… Now I’m a folk hero to Internet villains world wide…

I bet he’s still fending off hacker attacks.

The Best Defense

Really there is no way to directly defend one’s self from a lethal blog attack short of tracking down and knocking the snot out of the blogger which in my estimation is really a bad idea…


There are many tools on the Internet you can use to express displeasure with $h1t that is published on the web but generally I think that only adds fuel to the fire… That whole “Methinks thou doth protest too much” kind of thing.

Time is a good thing… If you just wait it out something someone has posted about you will be forgotten and sink in relevance… Probably never going away but just kind of fade out like a Doppler effect.