Okay… I’m about to tell you some crazy shit.

The name of the game is:

You Can’t Win

I’m not a pessimist… No, really… I’m a bankrupt optimist. I have found in the past 22 years I’ve been off drugs and drink that this is pretty much all a crazy game of skill and chance and… The name of this game is: Sometimes you Loose… And Sometimes You Loose Big.

So… I spend a lot of time wondering what is “coming down the pike next” because it seems that whenever I’m almost up something comes and knocks me RTF down. I analyze my surroundings and me relationship to them in order to calculate the odds on this or that happening just so I don’t feel so helpless in the whirlpool of life… And then:

I Bet You Weren’t Expecting This

So… I woke up on April 3 and I was a Giant Insect… Kafka strikes again… I’ve been told by half a dozen Lawyers not to talk about it… So I won’t… Well I’ll say this and then I’ll STFU.

Everyone I’ve ever trusted turned out to be Insane… Or full of shit… Or both.

This story sort of began when  I found my refrigerator in my front lawn… That was a bad day but this one was by far worse and I’m really not okay. You know I’m an idiot and I’m always stepping in buckets (toe hits the front, heel locks in and the bucket is stuck on your boot) but this time in the course of humoring and trying to help a lunatic I stepped into a bucket of shit.

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money… The shit has hit the fan. So for now…  I’ll just quote Nietzsche:

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Nietzsche was an ASSHOLE

Friedrich Nietzsche was an asshole.

Some more good advice driven home this day:  You Have the Right to Remain Silent