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PAF Clone Humbucker Pickups

 I’ve tried a lot of different brands and models of pickups in my guitars… Both my personal instruments and the ones I build… I dig these:

PAF Clone Humbuckers
PAF Clone Humbuckers

All SKATTERBRANE models are based on vintage specs. I use plain enamel 42awg coil wire, German silver backing plates and covers, steel slugs and pole screws, and individually rough sand cast magnets. None of my models are potted. All are scatter wound by hand. All covers are German silver, in either non-plated (raw), nickel plated or gold plated options. My premium covers, are P.A.F. replicas, without a under-plated layer of brass or copper. Most models have asymmetrical winds as per vintage P.A.F.s, a few are symmetrical as per Seth Lover’s or Tim Shaw’s specs.

SKATTERBRANES are also vintage spaced, that is 1-15/16″ (49.2mm) for either the neck or the bridge position, just like vintage Gibson through the 70s and all reissue and Historic Gibson Les Pauls are. This would also be true for the highend replicas out there. Rest assured if you have an Epiphone or a USA Gibson that currently has a 2-1/16″ spaced bridge pickup, the vintage spacing will work A-OK. I do not offer “F” spaced or 2-1/16″ (52mm) pickups.

SKATTERBRANE custom handwound P.A.F. pickups are all known for basic tonal qualities like: articulation, string separation, complex overtones, open and woody when played clean, and great natural crunch when pushed. They are dynamic and sensitive to associated equipment, playing style and setup. I wind to a specific number of winds per set. I do not wind to a particular direct current resistance (DCR) like many winders do. Output is achieved by number of winds, and magnet strength. The DCR can vary as much as +/- 3% from my specs. But in any case, I wind my pickups in matched sets, so as to compliment each other and work in “harmony” (heh, heh) in the middle position. Check out all of the Custom handwound P.A.F and P90 pickups.

My wife asked why I only play male artists on the stereo when I wind. I told her that most of the great classic rock albums feature Les Paul guitars played by men, and I like to listen to great rock music played on Les Pauls when I build pickups, imagining that their tone and mojo are working through my fingers as I wind.

Most of my customers have the same reaction “FINALLY” as in finally they are getting the tone they have been chasing for a long time. Here is a link to some clips: