I Can’t Make Sense Out of Anything

This is not a joke and I’m not trying to be funny… This is the best way I could come up with to explain what happens inside my head when I’m in a conversation or god help everyone…  I’m posed with a very simple question.

I have probably been like this forever but did not become aware of it until the past 15 years or so of my life.

Here are two lines from a song I hate… It’s a sappy love song that I heard way too much when I was a little kid:

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near. Just like me they long to be close to you.

You hear the first line and there is a question, And then you hear the next line and it’s an answer… Fine… Stupid love song.

This is what I hear and  process:

Why do birds….

Okay, Birds. I want to know what kind of birds we are talking about before we go any further because this information may be germane to the deeper meaning of this bull shit song and may in part later explain why the muted brass.

Are these small birds or something along the lines of a seagull… Or possibly even a pelican or a Flamingo which by the way I saw a lot of when I was living in St. Marie Del La Mare… It’s on the southern coast of France… I lived there for a bit when I was 9.

Okay, Suddenly Appear. Did they fly into your field of vision or just materialize? What do you mean by suddenly on what scale of time? too fast to comprehend like getting hit by a bus? Or as you are walking out of the house you suddenly realize you don’t have your keys?

Okay, Every Time. Literally, every time? No mater where this is because then I’m pretty sure we mean materialize out of the vapor and this could mean hallucinations so maybe the birds mean nothing. Or possible every time is one of those things like never say never or it’s an exaggeration of an actual fact so what kind of birds again?

Okay You Are. Who is you? Me? Or the you as in someone or anyone… This is probably the most important point but there is no data other than I know already you will be referring to it more than once. Because I’ve heard this all before.

Okay, Near. It’s a proximity thing… Like gravity… A week force… Explains the weak brass and bad rhythm.

No.. I’m not Kidding

All of this is going on as the song plays but because you have heard it 300 times you are simply annoyed or not because it doesn’t really mean anything… It’s a love song with no deeper meaning than selling records to the public during the…’60s I think it was.

While you are looking forward to the second line where the answer will come I am almost overloaded with so many questions I’m getting flooded out of my tree house.

Is this an efficient way to look at things?


Might as well be in Chinese for what it's worth
For what it’s worth… Might as well be in Chinese


… Hell no it’s a wonder I have been able to walk out of the house, drive a car and get paid to fix cars for 30 years before my back blew out and I had to stop.

I never should have made it back home alive the first day.

25 April 2013